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How antibiotics can make you hiv+

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A long time ago (1996), it has been pointed out by some dissidents that many illnesses can make HIV test positive. You have a list here. But a very important cause of positivity hasn't been highlighted in the dissident community (other than in the french one): antibiotics.

I have made a visual explanation in order to explain the process as clear as possible.


Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4

Let's see now the antibiotic part of the problem :


Image 5

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Image 6


Image 7


Image 8


Image 9

This theory implies that antibodies and antigen have no specificity, thus, that there is no immune system, an finally, that there are no pathogenic germs. As I have no problem with this idea (I promote it), this is why I have been able to discover this phenomenon.

But of course, this premise will be difficult to swallow for many people.

I have been able to verify this theory many times on this forum. Very often, HIV+ people have taken antibiotics before the HIV test.

So, yes, antibiotics affect HIV test result.

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