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Basic information : 22, M, Gay

My first sex was just happened last year Feb 2013. Then I did a test in mid April this year, that was my first time did HIV test, and it turned positive. I feel unsure because I remember I used condom every time ( I am bottom/receiver) for anal sex, but not for oral. The rapid test showed a unclear line and the nurse told me it is positive.

They sent my blood to the lab and they told me it's confirmed after around 2 weeks. I don't know when did I get infected. But I remember just two months before I got the test, I got fever, and morning sweat, just like what commonly regarded as symptoms of HIV infection. It lasted for a week.

Today I first time see the doctor, she showed my my report:

HIV virus load: 64000

CD4 : 299

syphilis: negative

Lung, liver, kidney, blood pressure, fat, etc,all function normally.

and she suggested me taking these drugs: ritonavir, Truvada and Darunavir.

I havent decided if I should take meds immediately, I will test my Cd4 again next month.

I am so worried about the side effects and because I have a one year trip to Germany, I dont know if I can have meds and medicine care there. I wonder if my situation is bad or not now, and what if I do not take meds in the coming year, what will likely happen?


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Hi and welcome here,

When you read the most officials authorities, the probability of seroconverting from receptive oral sex is lower als 1<10.000.

You can have a look at this page from the "Center of Disease Control" in the US, it's just like it doesn't exist.

However, when you consider the scientific literature, most others factors as sex and injecting heroin could turn a HIV test positive.

It includes all other recreationnal drugs, just like cocain, ketamine, crystal meth, GHB, ecstasy... whether they are injected, inhaled or smoked... The syringe is not the main problem, the main problem is the drug inside which can damage your health.

The use and overuse of poppers could also be a problem. Some other diseases (paludism, TB, Herpes, or other venereal or parasitic infections...) could also turn an HIV test positive.

If you have none of these risks (including always protected receptive anal sex), if you feel healthy, it would seem very unlikely you're at risk of aids.

The problem of the test is that it just cannot tell you for sure if your situation is bad or low, and let you just know there is or there was - maybe - a problem.

In Germany you should have anywhere affordable meds and care, I wouldn't worry for this.

The most important is not to take any further risks, which means protected anal sex and no drugs.

About your "common symptoms" of HIV infections 2 months before the test, well, everyone must know that even HIV experts agree that these symptoms don't happen every time, and even don't happen most of the time of what they call an HIV infection; and they're not specific and can result of many other infections, even in case of protected sex like mononucleosis or amoeba... What's important is to know if it's cleared now or not.

Best greetings and just let us know what's next.

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Welcome on the forum.

First, even with the official theory, it's impossible to be HIV positive (HIV +) after having only oral sex and anal sex with a condom. So, inside the official theory, you being positive is something impossible.

Your friend told us that the kind of tests you had were not very clear. Was it Elisa only ; Elisa + Western Blot ; Elisa with just a viral load ? It's very important, because the Elisa test tends to react positive very easily. So, if you passed just an Elisa test, the risks of being falsely positive are very huge. Officially, you need to pass two Elisa tests and one Western blot.

Another thing, did you take antibiotics during your fever episode ? It's important, because those antibody tests reveal in fact only the concentration of particles in the blood (I mean, any particle). They are a scam. So, if you have an important concentration of particles in the blood, the test will react positive. Antibiotics desegregate blood particles. Thus, they can make the HIV test to become positive. So, if you took antibiotics, it could be one of the reasons why you reacted positive.

The fact that you recognized that you are gay during your test wasn't good. Because it can influence how the technician interprets the test. It seems that the result was just above the limit. Thus, the assistant interpreted the test as positive, while if you had said that you are heterosexual, he could have said it was negative or dubious.

You will say : "yes, but I have a positive viral load". Yes, but the viral load is another scam. It reacts to any DNA genetic material present in the blood. So, a lot of people can have a positive viral load. Thus, it doesn't prove anything.

I suggest you to pass another test. This time, with serious people which will give you all the papers about the results, and not just a "you are HIV positive" kind of answer.

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Thank you so much for your replies.

I should clarify that I used condom only for anal sex but not oral sex.

I don't take or inject drugs. But I did take pills when I had fever.

I understand the symptoms may not be a way to define HIV positive, but really can;t explain this happening,

because I seldom got fever, and even I took pills didn't help much.

And two weeks ago, I start to have quiet serious hair loss, a friend told me hair loss is usually not associated with HIV,

but I found some also say that HIV virus may attack my hair cells. Do you have this experience of hair loss?

I'm very frustrated now actually because I do not have any insurance so far, and I want to buy one to cover my medical expenditure during my stay in Germany, but it seems no company accept the application from a HIV positive. In Germany, everyone has their own insurance, so medical care is not a problem for them, but I, as a foreigner might not enjoy their service or I need to pay a lot. I wonder if there is any international HIV/ AIDS group providing affordable medical care?

Thank you so much for spending time reading and answering my question :)

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Yes, I understood for non protected oral sex. But even unprotected, official sources say oral sex is not a source of contamination (or very exceptionally, something like one on ten millions). So, you can't have been contaminated by this way. And thus, even if you believe in the official theory, there is no way you could have been contaminated.

The reason why your test has reacted positive is because you took pills against fever. It's clear. We have got many people on this forum who have reacted positive after taking antibiotics. So, it has nothing to do with an hypothetic virus, but with the fact that those pills have increased the amount of particles in your blood.

About hair loss, it's because of the stress. With high stress level, your cortisol level stays high, and, my opinion is hair growth follows the cortisol cycle. If cortisol level stays high, then the cycle is interrupted, and hairs begin to fall. It has nothing to do with a low immune system.

So, you don't have HIV, you won't have aids. And if you begin to take ARV's you will take them for nothing.

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I fully agree with Aixur, in no way hair loss is connected with HIV/Aids, but it can be with the cortisol level.

If you had fever two months before your test, it's likely you had some infections (connected to a sex encounter or not) that disturbs your cortisol level - but it's unlikely to be something severe (as you got no clinical symptoms except hair loss). If you take no drugs and have no unprotected anal sex, there is no possibility that you caught "HIV" anyway in the official theory. I know this sounds really mad, but seconding us it's because of this really confusing HIV Test.

In Germany, are you going to work with a usual german work contract, or with a specific contract ?

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