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October, 1998
Adams, Jad
AIDS; the HIV myth. New York, St. Martin's Press [1989] xi, 244 p.

AIDS: virus- or drug induced?
Ed. by Peter H. Duesberg. Dordrecht, Boston [etc.] Kluwer Academic Publishers [1996] (Contemporary issues in genetics and evolution, 5) 358 p.

Alfonso, Helman Sabdi
El gran fiasco: el SIDA no es causado por el VIH. Barrranquilla, Prestigio Editorial Colombiana, 199?. 177 p.

Asistent, Niro
Why I survive Aids Simon & Schuster / Fireside, USA, 1992.

Badgley, Laurence
Healing AIDS naturally. San Bruno, CA, Human Energy Press [1987] xi, 411 p.

Bamforth, Nick
Aids and the Healer Within Amethyst Books, USA & UK, 1987.

Bird, Christopher
The persecution and trial of Gaston Naessens; the true story of the efforts to suppress an alternative treatment for cancer, AIDS, and other immunologically based diseases. Tiburon, CA, H J Kramer [1991] xv, 318 p.

Brown, Raymond Keith
AIDS, cancer and the medical establishment. Revised [edition] New York, Trizoid Press [1993] 185 p.

Burkett, Elinor
The Gravest Show on Earth : America in the age of AIDS Houghton Mifflin Co. USA 1995, 400 pages, ISBN 0-395-74537-3.

Callen, Michael
Surviving AIDS. [New York] HarperCollins [1990] ix, 243 p.

Cantwell, Alan
Aids, The Mystery and the Solution Aries Rising Press, 1988 &
Aids and the doctors of death Aries Rising Press, Uni NSW Press, Australia, 1994.

Caton, Hiram
The AIDS mirage. [Sydney, Univ. of New South Wales Press, 1994] 62p. (Frontlines, 4)

Chaitow, Leon and James Strohecker with the Burton Goldberg Group.
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Chaitow Leon & Martin Simon
A world without Aids Thorsons Publishing group, U.K. 1988 &

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xii, 126 p.

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Epstein, Steven
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Giraldo, Roberto A., M.D.
Aids and stressors Ciencia y Futuro. (Fondacion Arte y Ciencia) 1998. iv, 205 p. Email:

Drs Gregory & Leonardo
They Conquered Aids Tree of Life Press. 1989 & Conquering Aids now, Tree of Life Press.

Hay, Louise
The Aids Book Hay House, Santa Monica, USA, 1988.

Hodgkinson, Neville
AIDS; the failure of contemporary science. London, Fourth Estate, 1996. x, 420 p.

Johnson, Hillary
Osler's web; inside the labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. New York, Crown [1996] x, 720 p.

Kohn, Alexander
False prophets; fraud and error in science and medicine. [Oxford, Eng., Cambridge, Mass.] Basil Blackwell [1988] viii, 248 p.

Lambrou, Evan C.
AIDS: scare or scam? New York, Vantage Press [1994] vii, 40 p.

Lanctôt, Dr. Guylaine
The Medical MafiaVoici la Clef, Canada 1995.

Lang, Serge
Challenges Springer Verlag 1998, 816 pages, ISBN 0-387-94861-9.

Lauritsen, John and Ian Young, eds.
The AIDS cult; essays on the gay health crisis. Provincetown, Massachusetts, Asklepios, 1997. 223 p.

Lauritsen, John
The AIDS war; propaganda, profiteering and genocide from the medical-industrial complex. New York, Asklepios, 1993. 479 p.

Lauritsen, John
Poison by prescription; the AZT story. Foreword by Peter Duesberg. New York, Asklepios, 1990. 192 p.

Lauritsen, John and Hank Wilson
Death rush; poppers (nitrite inhalants) & AIDS. New York, Pagan Press, 1986. 64 p.

Maggiore, Christine
What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong ? (4th edition).
Website :
Alive & Well, 11684 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604, USA.
Email :

Mitchell, Robert Ben
Syphilis as AIDS. Austin, Texas, Banned Books [1990, c. 1989] xx, 128 p.

Nassaney, Louie
I am not a victim Haye House.

Nussbaum, Bruce
Good intentions; how big business and the medical establishment are corrupting the fight against AIDS. New York, The Atlantic Monthly Press [1990] xvi, 352 p.

O'Connor, Tom
Living with Aids Corwin Publishers, San Francisco, USA, 1986.

Owen, Bob
Rogers's Recovery from Aids Davar, USA, 1987.

Rappoport, Jon
AIDS, Inc.; scandal of the century. San Bruno, CA, Human Energy Press [1988] 345 p.

Remington, Dennis W. and Barbara W. Higa
Back to health; a comprehensive medical and nutritional yeast control program. [Provo, Utah] Vitality House International [1994, c. 1989] [10] 274 p.

Root-Bernstein, Robert S.
Rethinking AIDS; the tragic cost of premature consensus. New York, The Free Press [1993] xvii, 512 p.

Sarasohn, Judy
Science on trial; the whistle-blower, the accused, and the Nobel Laureate. New York, St. Martin's Press [1993] x, 294 p.

Serinus, Jason
Psycho-immunity and the healing process Celestial Arts, Berkeley, USA, 1988.

Shenton, Joan
Positively False : Exposing the myths around HIV and AIDS. 1998 I.B. Tauris (1998). Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4DZ, England. (Distributed in the U.S. and Canada by St. Martin's Press.)

Soyfer, Valery N.
Lysenko and the tragedy of Soviet Science. Tr. from the Russian by Leo Gruliow and Rebecca Gruliow. New Brunswick, N.J., Rutgers University Press [1994]
xxiv, 379 p.

Walker, Martin J.
Dirty medicine; Science, big business and the assault on natural health care. [London] Slingshot Publications, 1993. xix, 729 p.

Weiner, M.
Maximum Immunity Pocket Books, New York, USA, 1985.

Wigmore, Ann
Overcoming Aids the attunitive way Ann Wigmore Foundation, Boston, USA, 1987.

Willner, Robert E.
Deadly deception; the proof that sex and HIV absolutely do not cause AIDS. [Boca Raton, FL, Peltec Publishing Co., 1994] XXXIII, 266 p.

Young, Ian
The AIDS dissidents; an annotated bibliography. Metuchen, N.J., The Scarecrow Press, 1993. vii, 264 p.

Young, Ian
The Stonewall experiment; a gay psychohistory. [London & New York] Cassell [1995] [8] 312 p.

Periodical articles, chapters, etc.
(This list is far from exhaustive)

Brown, Tony
"AIDS" or "DAIDS"? in his Black lies, white lies. New York, William Morrow [1995] Chapter 7, p. 140-181.

Duesberg, Peter H.
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Duesberg, Peter H.
"AIDS: virus or drug-induced?" American Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing (ISSN no. 0889-6895) 1995/7 Review issue, p. 31-44.
Information: phone, 800-872-5236.

Duesberg, Peter H.
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Geshekter, Charles L.
"Myths of AIDS and sex." The Sacramento Bee, October 30, 1994.

Geshekter, Charles L.
"Rethinking AIDS in Africa." [manuscript] Paper presented at the 66th annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association, San Francisco, California, 6-9 April 1995. Includes bibliographical notes. 19 p.

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Lang, Serge
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"Aromatic hydrocarbon toxins and their derivativers as a non-viral cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome."
16 p. [Unpublished manuscript released by Project Aids, International on May 18, 1995. Address: 8033 Sunset Blvd., #2640, Los Angeles, CA 90046]

Stone, Richard and Eliot Marshall
"Imanishi-Kari case: ORI finds fraud." Science vol. 266, p. [1468-9], 2 December 1994. [Update on the Sarasohn book, see above.]

Thomas, Jr., Charles A., Kary B. Mullis and Phillip E. Johnson.
"What causes AIDS?" Reason p. 18-23. June, 1994.

What causes AIDS: the debate continues.
Reason p. 32-40. December, 1994. Letters received in response to the June article and the authors' rebuttal.

Whipple, Warren
"Fact or fiction: What really do we know about HIV and AIDS?" Creative Loafing [Atlanta] vol. 23, no. 49, p. 24-25. April 29, 1995.

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  • Bibliographies from Rethinking AIDS
  • Continuum. 172 Foundling Court, Brunswick Centre, London WC1N 1QE, U.K. Tel: 0171-713-7071. FAX: 0171-713-7072. Magazine devoted to mostly science of alternative AIDS.
  • HEAL (Health, Education, AIDS Liaison). Old Chelsea Station, P. O. Box 1103, New York, N.Y. 10024-4206. 208 W. 13th St., NYC.(Meetings Wed., 8PM) Phone: (800) 410-HEAL. Publication: HEAL Bulletin.
    For a list of other HEAL chapters around the world, either write HEAL, NY or consult International websites.
  • Zenger's. Ed. & Publisher, Mark Gabrish Conlan. Monthly. 1043 University Ave., #102, San Diego, CA, 92103. Phone: (619) 688-1886.

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